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Default Re: What happened at McCain's memorial service

Originally Posted by Jim McGillivray View Post
I think the blame goes on the person responsible for hiring the piper. Not much due diligence here.

Man, I was thinking the same thing. I was thinking the same thing for President Ford's funeral. Whoever organized the event should be strung up by his balls. It seems I remember for the Ford funeral someone stating that there was a tryout/rehearsal in a gym before the event, and that they guy played fine then. I'm thinking, you don't have a "try out" when you hire a highly respected professional. A big part about being a professional is not just being able to play the tune (simple tunes at funerals), but being able to deal with the pressure and understanding the limits of the instrument in various settings. Did the event planner for Reagan's funeral just luck out on Eric Rigler, or did he/she know how to do proper due diligence? That doesn't negate the fault of the guy taking the gig, but do you simply pick a guitarist or pianist out of the phone book or a random web site?
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