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Default Re: What happened at McCain's memorial service

I'm late to the party, but my (non-important) thoughts:
  1. I absolutely agree with Jim. The fault lies with the person responsible with hiring him. There are plenty of strong pipers out there. Whatever went wrong - maintenance, nerves, or otherwise - that's what it comes down to.
  2. It's frustrating to see that performance representing piping to a wide audience in a very public way. While criticism is warranted, what's done is done. Harping on the guy accomplishes nothing.
  3. Knowing my own personality: if this was me sounding like that at a high-profile event like that, I'd be beating myself up to the point where I'd probably never play in public again.
  4. I avoid gigs like the plague because I don't enjoy playing them. However, the next high profile gig I do I'll have at least two sets of pipes and four chanters with me, ready to go.
It reminded me of how I felt after the worst I ever played at a gig. It was outside in January, during a snowstorm. The deceased had one elderly relative. No one else showed up. I wound up helping the priest and the people from the funeral home carry the casket into an unheated chapel. Then I played outside in the snow for 20 minutes. At the end, I was a piper-cicle. It was about the worst I've every played, but at least it was for a limited audience and there was no one else outside with me.
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