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Default Re: How many actually use Binneas

Originally Posted by Ron Teague View Post
Mr. Grumpo, me, drug out his copy of Binneas. Why? I was bored and was woosy after being jet-lagged after a trip to Provence. I got to thinking, always a dangerous thing, about Binneas. I wonder how many piobaireachd players actually use Binneas. I have started to warm to it and now kind of like it. I know that the usual route to learning a new tune is to have a teacher slog through the tune with a student at first using P/S books or Kilberry, yawn. What happens when your teacher passes on. I have had three teachers just up and die on me, the selfish brutes. So now I have to go it on my own. Yes I use Donald MacLeod's remarkable tutor CDs as well as the two Bobs and Dugald MacNeill's wonderful Site Readable Ceol Mor as well as Archie Cairn's great piobaireachd tutorials as well as the great stuff on the P/S web site to have a go at a new tune, but I thought just perhaps Binneas might be of some help and it is. Who else uses Binneas
I refer to Binneas when learning a tune I don't know--as well as Jimmy McIntosh's Ceol Mor, Gen. Thomas' Ceol Mor, sometime David Glen's collection and Angus MacKay's published collection. The timing of bits or settings are different in cases from the PS or Kilberry, and they make sense to my poor understanding of piobaireachd but I enjoy them. I'm currently not competing.
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