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Default Re: Odd/obsolete embellishments

Originally Posted by CalumII View Post

I think some writers were more
accurate than others in capturing
what they actually did:
There's little doubt about that.

It's difficult to write down concurrently,
or possibly long after the fact, what we
'think' we were doing, or what we 'think'
someone else IS playing, or what we
'recall' hearing someone play.

"But... wasn't that a Grip from LowG?"

While grateful for the folks who spent so
much time 'collecting' tunes, in the 1700's,
for example... they had the same problems
that we have.

And then... copying and printing errors,
etc., and changes in 'styles' of how we
notate and print embellishments.

Some printed embellishment 'variations'
I've found are closer to what's done,
than our 'standard' notation dictates. ;-)
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