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Default Re: Odd/obsolete embellishments

Originally Posted by BGP View Post
In the second example the tune contains a number of 'normally' written grips, so I'm assuming with this 'open' one the middle note of the grip is fatter than usual to create the jig type group of 3 notes. in the case of the first example I'm assuming a 'fat gracenote' from low G to low A is how it would be played, again for the jig 3... were I playing these jigs I would probably convert these to mod GDE jig groups.

It's a taorluath - these were commonly written with an extra melody note that is not conventionally played nowadays. Whether it ever was is a can of worms best not opened in an innocent thread like this.

Donaldson's Highland Pipe & Scottish Society has a good chapter on light music evolution.

In general, though, I'd encourage you to attack the settings themselves and see what they tell you.
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