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Default Re: Piping Books or Scottish culture books

A lovely book which is about a highland life that revolved around piping is Angus Macpherson's "A Highlander Looks Back".

That's Angus Macpherson, who, as the son of Malcolm (of the Macpherson style/school, tutor of John MacDonald of Inverness among others and whose bewhiskered face appears in various books including the Kilberry Collection), grew up totally immersed in piping, was piper to the Carnegies and later ran an hotel at Inveran (ie Mrs Macpherson of the tune). He is said to have attended every Northern Meeting from the 1870s until 1970. It must be out of print now (my copy was published in 1970 but the first edition was in about 1953) and might be a bit difficult to find but a second hand copy could be located. It will give you a real first hand account.

You might be interested in Seamus MacNeills "Masters of Piping" - totally piping focused but much more recent and probably available from the CoP/Piping Centre
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