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Default Re: Piping Books or Scottish culture books

Both of Gibson's books have a lot of history and my new publication "Play it Like you Sing It: The Shears Collection of Bagpipe Culture and Dance Music from Nova Scotia (Vol. 1&2) adds considerable to John 's work filling in important details on several piping families such as the MacIntyres, MacNeils, and several others. Volume 1 concentrates on the history of many of these piping families , Chapter 3 "The Instruments"examines bagpipe making in Scotland with numerous photos of several immigrant bagpipes to NS, discussion on the local bagpipe making cottage industry including images of locally made bagpipes, Chapter 4 Language and music takes a look at the method of transmission of tunes within families highlighting the Puirt a Beul (mouth Music) and canntaireachd methods learning music. Volume 2 concentrates on the music and includes 249 tunes, 19 arranged for the violin but almost half of these can also be played on the pipes. Vol 2 also includes 0ver 85 puirt a beul for the tunes with English translations. As with all my book there are lots of photographs. Some have used in my other collections but there there are some recently discovered images which show several women pipers in NS at the turn of the last century further supporting the idea that, for many parts of NS, the bagpipe was not gender specific. Included in the collection of music is also a long forgotten tune genre known as the Strathspey Minuet complete with local sung words.
Lots to chew on check it out on my web site

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