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Default To carve or not to carve?

Hello everybody!

I recently had my smallpipes (Bb MacLellan's) tied into a new hybrid bag, and I'm really loving the feel of it, but I've run into quite a dilemma.

I purchased an Apps smallpipe reed to pair with this hybrid bag, and I'm finding that it is requiring a heck of a lot more air than my Abbott reed, so much so that it has become quite difficult to even play them.

I switched back to the Abbott reed and the tone is very steady with the new hybrid bag, however, F and High G are considerably flat, and also the only notes that are flat. I tried turning the Abbott reed as far as it'll go into the reed seat, and F and High G are sounding better (albeit not perfect), but now the reed is squealing and squawking, which is why I went ahead and bought an Apps reed in the first place.

I've come to the conclusion that I could probably carve out F and High G on the chanter, but seeing as how A) I've never done that before and B) it's more or less permanent, I figured I'd come here first and see if anybody has any solutions that I haven't thought of yet.
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