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Default Re: Lee and Sons Bagpipes

I have a Lee & Sons serial number 10, in African blackwood and full holly (The Hollywood ), and nickel sliders. I have had them for almost 2 years now.

I reeded them with Kinnaird Edge drone reeds and I play a Bruce Gandy blackwood chanter and Troy McAllister reeds. I had been told, when I received them, that Jack uses Ezee tenors and a Kinnaird Evolution bass.

I went through Terry Lee at Tartantown for the order and the specs and Andrew communicated with me on the blowpipe length and details.

Pipers who have heard these pipes have been impressed with the purity of the tone, the beauty of the harmonics, the balance of the drones and the chanter + drone blend. Full sounding. A big sound with these reeds.

I am very happy with them and totally enjoy playing them every day.


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