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Default Re: Reeding a 440 Maclellen chanter

Out of curiosity, what drone reeds are you playing that tune that low? Or do you need extenders?

FWIW, I have a Dunbar Elite I chanter, which is their lower pitch model, made to play at 472-475 or so. For the heck of it, I tried a Shepherd Bb reed in it, and it pitches almost down at 466 (prob more like 468-70 in warmer temps). No problems with individual notes. I have to put in Bb flat drone reeds to play it though - are there drone reeds made for A440 that don't require reed extenders, or extending the drone tops? I don't care to use either of those methods.

Also, Burgess Bagpipes makes pipes meant to pitch at concert 440. I think they take regular reeds, so maybe the drone dimensions are different? Anybody heard/played them?
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