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Default Re: Reeding a 440 Maclellen chanter

Originally Posted by DapperDan View Post
Out of curiosity, what drone reeds are you playing that tune that low? Or do you need extenders?
... I have to put in Bb flat drone reeds to play it though - are there drone reeds made for A440 that don't require reed extenders, or extending the drone tops? I don't care to use either of those methods.
Yeah, I'm using drone reed extenders, and in them, I'm currently using an old set of Wygent reeds. Pick your reed, and most of them will work fine, though I remember having trouble with Kinnairds when I'd first done this setup many years ago.

I had these extenders way-back-when, and was very happy with them ... then I lost them whilst moving—found them again last week. Before finding them (finally!) I was preparing instead to use some copper tubing to extend the reeds.

To each their own .. I think this works quite well, and I know the copper tubing would have performed well also. I consider myself to be pretty handy, so I was actually thinking about trying to make my own reeds at some point, based on the measurements of the reeds with extenders ... a project for another time.

Again, for the time being, I'm perfectly happy with the drone result ... now I just need to get a better chanter reed set.

As for alternatives, I'm willing to bet Pipe Dreams (you, Ezze-drone) would/could work up a custom set of reeds that would do the trick, they're great for that sort of thing. Personally, if I were to bother with anything else, I'd probably call up Michael MacHarg and inquire about a set of drones that are made/designed to play at 440. I'm sure Burgess would be great, but Michael's right up in Vermont, and does amazing work, so I'd be able to support a local fellow, and avoid the CITES mess at the same time.

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