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Default Re: Reeding a 440 Maclellen chanter

In the MG reed video, please note that while the reference pitch is 440 on the black tuner, the tuner says “Bb” when he plays low A, so the pitch is actually 466. The 455 tuner doesn’t tell you anything.

I have never gotten a rush to just flatten a note, it has always diminished the overall performance of the chanter. Just putting poster tac opposite the hole inside the bore has been more effective. Can be a pita to get out though.

I currently have Kron Standard drones tuned to concert G#, even lower than concert A. I use Crozier Omega reeds on brass tubing extenders. If you have McCallum pipes, a combination of their drone top extenders and extended reeds might get you comfortably to 440 without extreme settings on reeds. I have never had a stable setup using off the shelf “A440” drone reeds.

I’ve played the G1 440 reeds, just not in my 440 chanter yet. Will give it a go when I get home from vacay. Sorry for my cursory read of your initial post.
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