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Default Who'd have thought… (Squealing drones)

Over the past few weeks I've been setting up a set of back-up/foul weather pipes- ABC Poly drones and stocks, old RG Hardie chanter tied into a unknown synthetic bag (white), and practicing them alternating with my ABW 1979 G&M.
They were playing very well over the last couple of weeks, so I thought I'd play them in a parade today. In prepartion for today's gig, I changed the bag cover to match the uniform yesterday afternoon
Last night's practice was a disaster- drones sqealing on strike-in and on cut-off. No amount of bridle tweaking would correct it, nor did changing out the reeds.

After 20 minutes of tryimg to square things away, I put them aside and picked the tried-and true G&Ms for the parade. They were rock solid for the whole parade- (marched and played the whole mile and a half route , without a break, solo)

So, when I got home, I thought about the previous evening's fail and guessed the difference was in the bag cover. I put the previous bag cover back on and the pipes struck in clean, played steady and also cut off cleanly.

I believe the cause was that the synthetic bag is somewhat elastic, and the old cover, being tighter, kept it from ballooning out of shape, so pressure within the bag remained under control.
Anyomeelse ever run into this effect?
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