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Default How do kids do it????

I'm at the point where I just started practicing on the pipes with the bass and inside tenor drone corked off. I have an Apps "Easy" chanter reed, and Wygent drone reeds in a Dunbar P1 set. it took alot of time for me to adjust the drone reeds, but I think I now have them adjusted to be pretty "easy' in that the bridle is moved to maximize the amount of tongue free to vibrate, while I used the tuning screw to get them to be in tune with the drone adjusted so the hemp line is just peeking out, while maintaining stability. Out of curiosity, I've tried playing with all drones uncorked, and at this point in my piping progress, I don't see how anyone, let alone a 10 year old child, can have enough wind to "drive" this instrument. Not having a teacher yet, I was wondering if any of you experienced folks could give me some pointers in getting this instrument set up properly, ie. easy and efficient to blow. I may be doing something wrong here, no doubt.
Oh, I tune using Pitchpipe tuner software, and everything sounds reasonably well at this point.

another question- are some brands of pipes inherently easier to play than others, or can any quality set be adjusted to require about the same amount of "wind"?
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