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Default Re: How do kids do it????

Barry, the first thing you're probably going to hear is 'your best bet is to find an instructor'!!!!!!!!

Lacking the ability to do just that, you might consider purchasing Jim McGillivray's DVDs, Pipes Up and Pipes Ready. Absolutely invaluable information on both of those volumes, especially for someone who has no pipers around to aid you. I'm not an experienced piper, Barry (are you the one using John Cairns books, by chance?), if anything a lowest of the low ranked beginner, but I've got both DVDs and have used them to set up my first set of pipes. I can at least get them completely tuned and sounding halfway decent without turning purple. I'm sure you'll get some excellent advice from the experienced folk here, its just these DVDs were a boon to me, so thought I'd put in my ha'pence worth.

Happy piping!

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