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Default Re: You play like a girl!

Originally Posted by bob864 View Post
I'm stunned that so many people honestly believe there are not differences between men and women. We're not the same and pretending otherwise cannot lead to good outcomes.
I really don't think this is the issue at all. Are there differences between men and women? Sure. But are these differences so large, regular, and consistent that one can say "this is how men play" and "this is how women play"? I don't think so.

Consider a few of the differences between two purely hypothetical players (one of each sex):

1. Tune selection: Both of my imaginary pipers are going to learn a new piobaireachd. One loves "The Old Men of the Shells" and the other absolutely hates that tune and picks "The Red Speckled Bull."
2. The instrument: one favors a slightly brighter and sharper sound, the other a slightly flatter tone that (he or she thinks) sounds fuller with the drones.
3. One person noticeably slows down at the ends of variations.
4. One person has a greater contrast in tempo between singlings and doublings.
5. One person can always knock a regular taorluath out of the park, but sometimes struggles slightly with a taorluath tripling. The other has fantastic technique all the way around, except for (rarely) messing up a taorluath or crunluath from D.
6. One likes piobaireachd, but also plays lots of light music in a good band, while the other is madly in love with piobaireachd, and never plays light music.
7. One was taught by two great Scottish teachers, and the other by a great Canadian.
8. One is having great difficulties in his or her personal life, and the other is currently happy as a clam.
9. One has been playing for fifteen years and the other for forty.

Are the two of them going to play differently? I should think so. We bring who we are, and what we have learned, and where we are in life to the playing of music. Is gender the defining factor? I can't think why it should be.
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