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Default Re: You play like a girl!

Originally Posted by johnsog View Post
Despite the differences, to be professional an adjudicator should document those things that others would note as well, things that are objective. Stating something that all would noticed and agree to is fine. That one plays "like a girl" or "too aggressively", etc., are matters of opinion and not commonly held feelings so should not be included.
That is it though isn't it. Judging is subjective not objective.
It is how that judge on that day feels about that performance.
As I bet all judges are subtly different in what the hold most important.
Tone, timing, phrasing, musicality (what ever that might be) etc.

So then you get how that subjectivity is phrased.
The power of language is vast, as is its interpretation.

Some one might describe one passage as aggressive, the next person might describe the same passage as forceful, yet another heavy handed and so it goes on.

A performance isn't definitively measureable, unlike a race, where getting the winner is relatively easy.

And how you describe something is (as someone mentioned earlier) a product of who you are and what state you are in that day.

I think as a judge you need to be aware of how your turn of phrase might affect the person reading it just as their turn of phrase on the instrument affected how you thought of their playing.

Of course there is no other way of doing it, humans are fallible and that is part of the challenge and the thrill of competing I guess. You roll your dice, you take your chances.

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