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Default Re: You play like a girl!

Originally Posted by bob864 View Post
I'm stunned that so many people honestly believe there are not differences between men and women. We're not the same and pretending otherwise cannot lead to good outcomes.
I've had to delete the first response I wrote to this.

I teach the pipes, for a living. I teach men, women, boys, girls. There is no difference. Then they go out into the piping scene and they meet people like you and attitudes like this and I am sick to death of it. The little remarks. The silly little comments. You didn't really mean it. It was just banter. Women do NOT need your, or anyone else's, opinions on what they are and aren't capable of or how they perform.

Just don't do it. Just don't.

You know, I love the pipes and I love the music, but sometimes the people really depress me. It's not just you. You can hear this same nonsense spouted everywhere in the piping world. They don't tell you why they leave. They just get sick of the little put downs and the slightly creepy middle-aged married guys and they quietly hand their kit in and go while the rest of us just carry on laughing in the bar.

The piping scene needs to grow up.
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