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Default Re: What does the EUSPBA do?

Originally Posted by Patrick McLaurin View Post
I dunno, why (West) Texas is officially in the EUSPBA...
I don't know about "officially". There's more or less a "gentleman's agreement" between the associations regarding territories. That said, the EUSPBA has sometimes been a bit aggressive pushing its boundaries. For instance, after the EUSPBA entered Florida, the SUSPBA ended up going away. (There were some arguments about the effectiveness of the SUSPBA, but nonetheless, the SUSPBA was an established association with set boundaries that the EUSPBA entered. My personal take.) Texas falls at the borders of WUSPBA and EUSPBA. Unless something has changed, a person or organization in that region could probably register with either association without too much problem. The other "fuzzy" area is Oregon which generally has fallen into BC Pipers instead of WUSPBA, though Oregon is obviously in USA and not British Columbia.

Back when I was ExecSec for WUSPBA, there was some discussion on the Executive Committee when a band in a fuzzy boundary area wanted to join WUSPBA. Associations generally want to respect each other's "map" but there has been—and likely continues to be—gray areas.

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