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Default Re: What does the EUSPBA do?

Originally Posted by 3D Piper View Post
What does the EUSPBA do?

Their mission statement says "We aspire to assist individuals and bands in reaching, not only their highest competitive potential, but also raising the level of our art."

Soloist and bands pay their dues to become a member. How is this money used to address the above? Are sanctioned games judges and stewards paid by the EUSPBA?
Judges are paid, but it's my understanding they're paid by the games. Pretty sure stewards are volunteers.

The EUSPBA does train judges, and there have been workshops. I have no idea how those are financed. I seem to recall fees for workshops, but those fees might not cover the cost of paying the expenses of the presenters.

The dues are pretty low.

There is an Education and Scholarship fund.

Running an organization costs a lot of money. They will probably have legal fees and accounting fees. There will be insurance. They maintain the website. They host membership meetings. I see at the upcoming AGM runs three days. Hotels don't generally give out meeting space for free. If you need a microphone or want coffee they'll charge extra for that too.

Since they are a 501(c)(3) they need to be careful that 100% of the money they spend is in support of the mission or they can loose their status.
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