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Default Re: What does the EUSPBA do?

Once upon a time, Id have had a much different take on this. But fact of the matter is, competitions aren’t entirely responsible for keeping the culture/discipline alive, but it does help.

People can argue whatever they like, but ANY sort of gathering that brings people together in celebration of culture will, in turn, serve to help it endure and grow. Can the same be said of pub musicians and sessions? Dances? Of course it can.

It ALL helps. The EUSPBA is one of several organizations around the globe that, at the very least, aims to keep the culture of piping going by organizing and conducting competitions in a standardized fashion.

These competitions give musicians something to strive for, which prompts them to show up to events. Those events can then begin to serve as a nucleus for others to “check it out.” People from the community can come and see what this is all about. Maybe some of them will even grab a practice chanter, or a drum pad.

And when musicians go and try their hand at winning a prize, they meet other folks who love the same things that they do. Friendships are born, their kids decide to try it too ... and they make friends there as well ... and on, and on.

And thus, this all spurs growth (ideally). So in this regard, the EUSPBA and other similar organizations do precisely what their mission statements dictate.

Now, could they do MORE to promote and bolster interest in piping culture? Of course. And from what Ive seen and heard recently from officials in the organization; they quite agree, and theyre working on it.

That’s what the EUSPBA does.


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