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Default Re: What does the EUSPBA do?

Thanks for the responses.

Lets count some beans. I see about 200 bands listed @ $175 each, that is
$35K. I couldn't count them all, but lets just assume there is at least 500 individuals @ $40 each that, that is another $20K.

I totally understand 'running an organization costs money' (I am self employed). But each branch's officers are volunteer, yes? (Side note: with the new web page format, I can't find a branch map to see what states are included in each branch). If the games organizers are also the ones paying judges fees, I am not sure where all the money is going.
Would it be unreasonable to request a workshop/clinic for each branch to check on the development of the members/bands, give advise and help where needed? Something like that would really "..aspire to assist individuals and bands in reaching, not only their highest competitive potential, but also raising the level of our art." We paid our dues and played by their rules so we could compete, and so far we got score sheets and a reminder of renewing our membership.

When I competed in Canada, if I remember correctly PPBSO members paid their yearly membership fee then never had to pay for games entry or competition fees. They just showed up at games and competed. That is certainly a perk!

I would love to see an EUSPBA championships where each branch had a competition and sent their best to the finals! Bracketing would give local bragging rights and foster interest for the whole season. EUSPBA is so big, bands you've never even seen or heard of can end up beating you no matter how well you do.

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