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Default What does the EUSPBA do?

Nate - a very nice defense of the status quo, and I understand why you would do so given your recent successes. But I am not convinced. And Iím not sure if these competitions and games are flourishing to the degree you suggest. Of course, I donít have any numbers to know one way or another. But anecdotally, in my own experience attendance is down, Including bands.

Matthew - in my experience last year at Maxville, i had to pay at the event in addition to my association dues. Which didnít break the bank, but was unexpected.

Iíd like to see more educational opportunities, more recital opportunities, more focus upon finding performance and educational outreach to other musical associations and even public or private schools.

Particularly since there are a LOT of service bands who do NOT compete. Why would we not help them? What can we do to include them?

Blue-sky: it would be incredible if each branch had its own full-time ďpiping centerĒ.

But - competitors like to compete. So, it seems thatís what PBAs do.

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