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Default Re: Drone instability, poor blowing or moisture?

Originally Posted by pancelticpiper View Post
Or, get a (plain) Gannaway or sheepskin and you won't need moisture control, probably.

Begg has some sheepskin bags now for 112 pounds, and the pound is low now.

One day, absolutely, it’ll force me to play a lot too I bet.

Seems quite heavy though ;)

Originally Posted by William McKenzie View Post
Same experience. Owned several of the black/dark blue hybrid Bannatynes and they were absolutely tropical inside, kept a lot of moisture in. Canmore has been amazing by comparison. Gannaways I owned were also excellent. I'm sure there are others.
I’ve heard good thing about those Canmore hybrid bags, that they are pretty breathe-able, along with the Ross suede bags.

Edit: My bag is the Bannatyne Hybrid after all, not a synthetic.
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