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Default Re: Drone instability, poor blowing or moisture?

Originally Posted by Jim Fogelman View Post
Are your reed seats threaded? My Dunbars came with them threaded. I play on Kinnaird Evos too (regular strength) and donít have those issues, though Iím playing on sheepskin so moisture issues arenít the same. If theyíre threaded, make sure thereís enough waxed hemp on them to get a good seal as you screw them into the seats.
You beat me to the question, Jim. I have a set of straight reamers and have threaded a number of band members' reed seats (that aren't already threaded). Some cringe at the thought, but it just takes a couple small twists, removing very little material, and giving just a couple threads. It's so much nicer than having to wrap on a 'safety tail' and/or worrying about reeds dropping out.
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