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Default DegerPipes first generation issue

Hi all,
Yesterday I just got a DegerPipes (first generation) for my extremely belated birthday present, and I'm glad I got one. However, I knew already that the battery clip was missing. So, I went with a friend to an electronic store to see if they could actually solder the clip onto the wires. They did, but it's not working.
One of my other friends looked at the wires before we sent it in to be soldered, and I totally forgot to tell the guy that soldered the clips, but there's a plastic covering over one of the wires. My guess is that the plastic doesn't provide any connection to the battery. If so, I wonder why it's on there.
If any of you still have first generation DegerPipes anymore, do you mind looking at the bottom end to see if one of your wires has a little plastic covering over it? I have no idea where this plastic covering starts on one of the wires, but it definitely goes all the way to the top. Even with several fresh batteries I get no sound whatsoever. If I plug in a MIDI device which I know works with my Technopipe, I don't get any signal either.
Has anyone has this problem? My guess is that there's no plastic cover on any of the wires on yours, and if this is correct, then I'll have them cut the plastic off and re-solder the clip onto the bare wires. I'm really desperate to get these pipes going, since I've been waiting since 4th grade to own one of these. Thanks and good luck,

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