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Default Re: DegerPipes first generation issue

I think Bri and I probably isolated the problem but of course, I haven't tried it out to be sure, since it will require either those little tabs or soldering. But Bri looked some more and there was actually some tape connecting what would have been the old battery clip to the actual wires inside the pipes. One side wasn't taped correctly and there was actually a crack between the two wires, so maybe that's why it won't start. she took the old wires off so there are two short little wires coming out of the bottom end. But the wires are super short and there's not too much space inside so I have no idea how a computer store would be able to do it. She attached a file so I'm going to upload this to (a new file download server which is completely free). According to Bri there is a short blue wire and a short red wire.
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