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Default Re: DegerPipes first generation issue

I think Bri has an answer to that... haha... Myself, I hate yodeling, in fact I detest it. Bri, on the other hand, is super good at it. But she has no Youtube videos of it.
Let me think here. A bagpiper (myself) and a yodeler (Bri) walk into a bar. Maybe the piper asks, "Hey, since you yodel, are you from Germany? I have a Dudelsak right here..." - hmm, I'm struggling with that too. And no, Bri isn't my girlfriend, Deborah is... One of the most popular places yodeling originated was Germany, and of course, if Bri didn't tell me that, I wouldn't have known that. And the Dudelsack is from both Germany and Austria, another yodel-rich place. I know, that's what you get for being 21... and Bri, having senioritis...
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