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Default Re: MacHarg Low D SSP chanter on eBay

Too bad I'm just seeing this thread now, after the auction ended, because I'm the seller!

I picked it up secondhand myself, and don't know the provenance, but it looks new.

The craftsmanship is very nice, and it plays great. The finger-stretch isn't too bad, but then again I play Low Whistles which have a bigger finger-stretch that the Highland pipes. It came with what I assume is the original plastic reed.

Yes it came with a polypenco adapter-thingy. It's made in two sections, a hemped thing to fit small-diameter stocks which fits into a split-stock thing to fit fullsize GHB stocks. I forgot to put that in the listing, and Ebay wouldn't let me amend the item description. I'm including the adapter of course.

Yes it has a big swan bocal thing, the idea is that it puts the chanter in a normal position when playing smallpipes. I didn't play that chanter much, but I tried it using an uilleann Flat Set top in my D uilleann pipes, and the sound is wonderful, the Low D chanter with the deep uilleann D drones.

Now I'm trying to remember why I sold it. Oh yes, I need to pay for my trip to the Worlds!
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