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Default Re: Your favorite Celtic rock/pop band?

Originally Posted by plainspiper View Post
Seven Nations used to be a staple at the Longs Peak Festival years ago. I know there were a lot of young men and women who aspired to do what they do. I think they tried to take some of their stuff mainstream and it didn't work out well from what I heard but I don't know.

I also found this "girl band" on a youtube channel for "The Snake Charmer". She plays Redpipes and the other two I'm not sure. My kids at school thought they were the bomb!! (that means good I was told...)
They're not quite a "band" in the traditional sense. Archy Jay ("The Snake Charmer") is a solo piper who's been making inroads on YouTube by playing covers of various songs/TV/movie themes. She collaborated with Jane Espie of Celtica and Chelsea Joy, formerly of The Angry Brians, on their "Shipping up to Boston" video over St. Patrick's Day weekend. I'd LOVE to see Celtica sometime!
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