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Default Re: tunes for a new smallpiper

Hi Murray,

There are so many tunes its hard to recommend just a few. The links below might be helpful but they are not all slow tunes. Some that you may already be familiar with might need to be transposed to an SSP friendly key (D, Amix, Bmin etc.)

Skye Boat Song
Mingulay Boat Song
My Laggan Love
Suo Gan
The Mist Covered Mountains
The Rose of Kelvingrove
.... are a few you might get started on.

Although you aren't currently interested in progressing to the GHB, I would recommend taking at least a few lessons on GHB technique (on a practice chanter) if you haven't yet. It is much easier to know some GHB technique and choose not to use it, or to use it in moderation than to not know any when you need it to emphasize a note or beat in a tune.

Welcome to smallpipes; it's addictive
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