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Default Re: tunes for a new smallpiper

If you're sure you'll never play GHB, then you'll find you have a lot more flexibility in fingering. You can play the chanter completely closed, completely open, or with GHB (i.e. partly closed) fingering. Maybe not every combination on every chanter for every tune, but there are a lot more fingerings that can work on SSP than on GHB.

For tunes: Amazing Grace, Twinkle Twinkle, and Ode to Joy are all easy to sound out. Not that you necessarily want to perform them any of those, but you can use them to get your fingers working.

Hector the Hero is a good tune.

Maybe The Dark Isle.

It might be worth taking some GHB lessons because even with the loose folksy style, many people who play SSP come from a GHB background and incorporate some of the embellishments in their SSP playing. When I play SSP, even when I'm learning tunes by ear from someone playing fiddle or harp I'll automatically put in doublings, birls, and GDEs. Although I should work on learning F gracenotes for SSP.

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