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Default Re: tunes for a new smallpiper

Thanks for all the great suggestions, and links to those resources. It's helpful to have some starting points, I know some irish session stuff but the scottish isn't as common here. It seems like there are some confused and muddy waters around the different piping traditions, I'm hoping to have fun without trampling on tradition.

I think I'm a long way from a teacher, but I'll definitely try to self-study some of the GHB ornaments. I was reading that the dynamics of the smallpipe and ghb chanters are opposite, with the relative strengths of the higher and lower notes reversed...they said this changed the effect and usage of the ornaments. I don't know enough yet to really understand that but it may become obvious.

I had been debating with myself about fingering as well...crossing over from whistle it seemed like a more open fingering might be more intuitive..or maybe too similar and confusing..i suspect it would affect how I managed ornamentation

..always enjoyed hector the hero on fiddle or the low d whistle, so if that will squeeze onto the pipes that would be great. I have the gow collection for fiddle but it seems like much of that wouldn't fit. And I wonder if the march of the king of laois would work?

'song for mary' is intriguing now, but it's a challenging set of search terms, i'll try looking some more..

thanks again, everyone..
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