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Default Re: tunes for a new smallpiper

Originally Posted by murray c View Post

I think I'm a long way from a teacher, but I'll definitely try to self-study some of the GHB ornaments. I was reading that the dynamics of the smallpipe and ghb chanters are opposite, with the relative strengths of the higher and lower notes reversed...they said this changed the effect and usage of the ornaments.
It's definitely true that with the GHB the lower notes are louder, while on the SSP, the lower notes are softer.

Many people argue that because of that it sounds better if you avoid some of the "heavy" GHB ornaments. People who play that way (and substituting the F gracenote for the g) play some wonderful tunes. But there are also some great pipers who seem to play tunes exactly the same on both instruments and they sound great too.

I'm thinking that maybe how you finger GHB is just more particular than how you finger SSP, and with the latter instrument the rhythm and the flow are most important.

The best advice is probably to keep your mind open and try to meet other musicians who you like playing with. If you don't play whistle already, get one. You can learn that too and it opens up a lot of possibilities.
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