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Default Re: MCS attached to drones

I heard and viewed results of this issue being tested as a student project at a uni lab and the results were very clear. As the results remain the property of those at the uni in question they cannot be released without some sort of consent however, there must be at least one smart person in this forum that can do the same testing and provide the scientific results. It all seems pretty simple to test and I am no science genius.

The overtones are not as full with the system attached. The software attached to the microphone tells us this. Some of the students were able to pick the pipe system with and without. Some pipers claim the same. Does it really matter is probably the real issue.
To this end, some pipers like the harsh icey buzz that is produced by large synthetic/carbon bladed drone reeds while many others prefer the more rounded smooth tone that is produced by cane reeds, especially the bass. This was just put down to preference much the way some car owners like the different exhaust tone from different sports cars.
One judge may like it while another hates it, a lottery on the day as far as contest results are concerned.
The other result tested was the effectiveness of the moisture control systems. Some were found to be total hogwash and the claims made by the manufacturers would not stand up if a complaint about some products was lodged with the ACCC. You cannot makes claims based on unproven assertions and what the "tea lady" might think. Not in Australia anyway.

Simply put, measure the RH of the air going in, ("breath"). This is a narrow ranged value if we are to believe the physiologists and medical teachings. Then measure the RH of the air leaving the bag. In the lab they attached a hygrometer to the top of the drones. Look at the results and then look at the claims and work it out for yourself. You don't need to be a mathematician to compare the numbers.

I look forward to some bright spark producing the numbers and/or audio graphs.


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