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Default Re: MCS attached to drones

The simple answer is yes, it does have an effect. Anytime you stick something into the base of the drone stocks, there is a dampening (quieting) of the drones. But as others have stated, it isn't necessarily significant enough to be detrimental to the tone. And then there are the benefits of a very stable and dry system keeping things nicely in tune. For the vast majority of pipers, the benefits outweigh costs. What you have in there is important too. I have found that things like the Ross hoses are pretty good- minimal impact on drone volume/tone (but there is some impact). Other things, like Shepherd "tone enhancers" really kill the volume of your drones and the overall tone of your pipe.

If you ever hear a really good piper play a good set with no system and a hide bag, vs. a system and synthetic bag, live in the room with them, one system after another, you will notice the different. Add cane reeds into the mix and the difference is even more noticeable. But that is a really good piper with things perfectly setup. For most of us, the difference is negligible and the benefits far outweigh the costs.
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