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Default Re: Complete reed making kits with tools

I know a few makers that use almost no tools. A shaper is not necessary. Just mark the slip dimentions on the cane and cut close with a knife and finish off with sandpaper. A profiler is not needed. Many do it by just sanding and scraping. Some do not use a gouge. You can use 180 grit sandpaper wrapped around a beer bottle or other appropriate cylinder and go for it. The only needed tools being a sharp knife, sandpaper and a rule to measure with. That's how the first reed maker I met did it and he made great reeds. It's far more about technique than tools. I use an out-cannel gouge to get close and sand to finish. I use no shaper or profiler. The only need for tooling is to speed up the process so you can make money. Perfectly fine reeds can be made as described, and can be just fine for the handy man. My reed making kit would be under $20.

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