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While I don't know much about Beth's history and don't have obituary information, I want to honor her here since I probably wouldn't not be playing the Highland pipes if it hadn't been for her.
She was a member of Heather & Thistle Pipes & Drums, based in Fargo, ND, for many years and was a very supportive and active member. When I first joined the group she suggested that she and I meet an hour before practice each week so she could help me transition from playing the chanter to the full pipes. This continued for at least a year. Admittedly we sometimes ended up visiting instead but her support and encouragement kept me from giving up. She was always a very kind lady, offering critiques objectively.
Several years ago she was diagnosed with a degenerative muscular condition that ended her ability to play the pipes. She continued to join us for practice when she could, offering assistance and support as needed. Eventually she entered a nursing home where she died Aug. 31, 2017. Our band is honored to have been invited to play for her funeral which will be this Saturday, Sept. 16, at the UCC Church in Valley City, ND, at 2:00. She was a dear woman who left a great legacy to piping and humanity.
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