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Default Re: Piper & Drummer Piobaireachd Commissions (2001)

I dug out my copy of P&D, August 2001 (I keep way too much stuff!), and there are the published versions of

1) Father and Son, by Neil Dickie, pg 35
2) Last of the Big Trees, by Michael Grey, pg 39
3) Lament for Kenneth Alexander MacLennan of Connon Bridge, R.S MacDonald, pg 42

When these came out, I noticed an interesting ornament in the ground of "Last of the Big Trees", where 2 high Gs are separated by a high G gracenote (!). I thought that perhaps Mr. Grey was using an interesting idea of going from the piobaireachd high G to regular high G (gracenote) and back again - a very subtle gracenote!

I wrote him, asking about this - just a misprint. -) It should be an E strike. -)

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