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Default Re: Naill Drones in the Low 470s?

Even if I went up 3Hz to 475, I would not have much leeway for the setting of the drone reeds - at least not so much as I like to have, hence I have ordered some Ezee longs which will arrive tomorrow. They should give me enough flexibility to set the drones where they want to behave, and still pitch with the chanter (the Naill chanter in question, of 2016 vintage, is hard-pressed to go over 478-480).

As for tape, I have very little slogged onto my chanter - a wee bit on Low A and Low G, a hair on B and D. E was carved. All of this was done by my instructor - voicing GHB chanters is a dark art of which I have only cursory knowledge. Give me a gaidunitsa, however...

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