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Default Re: You play like a girl!

Originally Posted by johnsog View Post
If you'll excuse my adding to this sidebar, women are now competing in rodeo as well. Also, men and women compete equally in grand prix horse jumping.
I'll dredge this one up out of the past ...

I picked team roping (USTRC and ACTRA)as an equal as women are currently competing on an equal footing.

Both the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assoc) and PBR (Professional Bull Riders) still don't have women competing equally with men in all events - women were banned from the arenas during the WW2 era and never gained access again until barrel racing (Women's Pro Rodeo Assoc), and although men compete in barrels in American Quarter Horse Assoc events, they don't at a "regular" rodeo - I picked PRCA/PBR specifically as they're the two dominant money makers. There are women's rodeos, but the crowd draw is much less, which is too bad, it's just as exciting.

I like the Grand Prix and the English riding circuit - they did away with the good ol' boy view a long time ago.

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