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Default Re: Pleasanton Highland Games

I'm not arguing for the official WUSPBA position—I'm 5-years retired as WUSPBA ExecSec—I'm just explaining it. It's always been a bane for bands that it takes as long as it does to process and disseminate competition results. I'd recommend that you show up at the next WUSPBA AGM and give them an earful, if it bothers you enough. Or just email/call the current president.

Part of the problem is that there is no WUSPBA webmaster right now. Or at least according to their website. And their links page still has a note that that refers to me as the webmaster, but I haven't been webmaster since 2010. As webmaster, I was always pushing the website forward . . . I initiated online solo registration payments, for instance. (WUSPBA was the first PB association in the USA to offer that.) I added a page with a list of past presidents. It goes on. Aside from paying a developer to revamp the site and hack up the WUSPBA logo that I designed—yes, it really bugs me!—it's gotten pretty stagnant since then. It's too bad.

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