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Default Re: Tone Protector vs. Pipers Pal

Originally Posted by Harley G View Post
If there are figures then produce them to justify the gross expense. While I wait for this I will just suck on my reeds as per the advice of JL. His piping medals and awards are recommendation enough for me pending something more credible.
Here's what I know: I am a professional grade piper, and it's been working well for me.
Grade 1 bands around the world, Simon Fraser and your cited Jack Lee included, are using it.
So, in short, pipers a lot better than either of us (including Callum Beaumont, Iain Speirs, Alasdair Dunn, just to name a few) are using them and sure seem to think that they work.

So, you keep on sucking your reeds, and I will keep having success with my toneprotector and we will all go home happy.
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