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Default Re: Tone Protector vs. Pipers Pal

Some have noted mold from the piper’s pal. I’m curious if this is caused by the rubber plug? I wonder if it would work the same way as a TP if the bottom was left open?

As far as the science goes, it seems to me the TP and PP are simply addressing the kinetics. Just because the air is 100% RH doesn’t mean the reed is saturated. The kinetics, or speed of adsorption/(or absorption?) seems to be the factor these devices are addressing.

Licking probably results in an uneven distribution of slobber. In my case I’ve actually noticed licked reeds drying out as I play them, so I added too much moisture. I’ve taken to just silently mouthblowing the reed before playing, maybe 30 s - 1 min. Results are variable as to warm up time from none to the same as usual, 10 min or so. I haven’t done any quantifiable experiments.

As I ponder I wonder about temperature. RH is relative because of it’s relationship to temperature. 100% RH at a lower temperature could be the dew point for a higher temperature, where that amount of moisture was only 50% of what the air could really hold. Of course, we might expect the temp of the air exiting your body to be fairly constant providing some sort of reference, though that’s quickly corrupted by ambient conditions.
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