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For notes other than low A (Bb/A#) & high A (Bb/A#)... ANY needle & green light type tuner is going to be dreadful at best. You must take into account the cents offset for all the other notes. Those offsets can be found at Ewen McPherson's Tuning pages (i dont know the link off hand, google it)

The needle will give you a ballpark approximation of cents. It is every bit as accurate as a grenade. To achieve any sort of accuracy at all with a tuner, it must calibrate to cents. There is exactly one brand of tuner that calibrates to individual cents (or 1/10ths if you really want), that brand is Peterson. Even then with that sort of accuracy, and programmability.. the final judge is your own ear. Its your shoulder that a very loud instrument is going to be resting on, it should sound good to you.

After Peterson, my second choice of Tuner would be the "pitchpipe" bagpipe tuning software.
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