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Default Re: The iconography of PM Evan MacRae

Originally Posted by piper909 View Post
I diligently collect military history and uniform books and I do not see British army pipers in contemporary illustrations wearing anything but the standard infantry red coat until the 1840s and 1850s.
It varied from regiment to regiment.

It's a fascinating study (well for somebody as nerdy as me, anyhow).

Some regiments dressed their pipers in reversed colours like the other musicians. Some were dressed in what amounted to livery, much as they would do if in the employ of a civilian laird or aristocrat. Some as you say were dressed more or less like the other soldiers.

The modern Highland regimental piper's doublet, dark green, was first adopted by the Cameron Highlanders. Green was their facing colour, and seems they were following the custom for dressing of musicians.

A piper in reversed colours

About beards, I read somewhere that the PM of the Camerons was "required by tradition" to wear one.

Essen wasn't the only Canadian PM with a beard- the camera doesn't lie.

And not just PMs

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