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Default Re: The iconography of PM Evan MacRae

Originally Posted by pancelticpiper View Post
But beware of the illustrations! (The colour plates.) My overview of the quality of the illustrations in the various Osprey publications contains the following about the book in question:

Queen Victoria's Highlanders (illustrated by Gerry Embleton) : These illustrations are somewhat crude and aren't clear and contain various inaccuracies. Like Chappell he doesn't understand how diced hose-tops are made and worn. Also he sometimes shows dicing on headdress incorrectly. He consistently shows spats being far too tall.

Taking one plate (F) in detail, the cuffs on the BW officer's doublet are completely wrong, with the positions of the piping and lace reversed, and the sporran is wrong regarding both the cantle and tassels. The piper's sporran is wrong and he's shown wearing a Royal Stewart plaid with a Black Watch kilt! The hardware on the waistbelt and crossbelt are both incorrect. On plate G the Seaforth Highlanders' sporran is wrong, the tassels having brass cones (!) and the cantle missing its badge.

(Here is my full overview of the Osprey kilt-related colour plates)
the 78th/2nd Seaforth pipers as well as all three battalions of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada wore/still wear brass cones on their hair sporrans, and 'lack of supply' has sent pipers onto parade while missing bits of their kit!
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