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Default Re: It's not a skirt, it's a KILT!!!

To be fair, there's increasing confusion around this whole issue now that so many what we might call "faux kilts" for gents are popping up. Casual kilts, utility kilts, daywear kilts, lightweight kilts -- I see all these terms used in catalogs, along with plenty of non-tartan man-skirts called "kilts," and I see a lot of cheap, non-wool, lesser-yardage, lightly pleated tartan skirts rented out as "kilts" for weddings, etc. at one local "Celtic" emporium. Search for "man's kilt" on eBay and you'll be astounded at the things you'll see for sale labelled as such. (It's almost as bad as the faux bagpipes from Pakistan tricking the unwary musician wannabe.) Would any of these manifestations be accepted as appropriate Highland garb by judges in Scotland? If it's becoming more and more difficult to know what a man's kilt is, compared to ten or twenty years ago, how much harder is it when female garb is included?
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