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Default Re: UPiper on the IPhone and Technopipes

Dave, regarding user experience - are you sure about that? How is it bad in your opinion? Maybe some examples / clarifications if you don't mind. I like more vividity and less conciseness that's just my style. Voiceover is a feature built right into the IWhatever, it's not a separate app. Note however this will alter your gestures in that you will have to quickly double-tap the surface in order to accomplish the same thing as a touch. That's why Eskin's apps aren't compatible. But do they have Technopipe support? I'd be interested to know. In the land of Voiceover, touching once will just take you to that area on the screen without activating say a button or a slider. Or maybe I just need some visual assistance, but again I don't have a roommate but I do have a few Technopipe owners among my six piping friends (six? That's small). However none of them have heard of Upiper before, I introduced one of them to the app and he uses an Iphone. I'd rather not disclose their names for sake of offense.
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