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Default Re: UPiper on the IPhone and Technopipes

Alright! I managed to get UPiper going! My Dad came to my dorm and brought the IRig, and I originally thought that the Irig was just a cable that goes from Lightning to Midi. It actually has a tiny box which has a few Midi ports on it, as well as others. My dad said that the connection for the Lightning cable was the most difficult and he advised I leave it connected - good advice. So I plug my Technopipe in to Midi, and there is no sound! What? He said that Upiper said "Error", although he didn't read it out loud to me. He also was sort-of saying it out loud as he selected Irig pro, so I could understand what he was doing. Bare in mind that he has no Iphone experience whatsoever. At first he only saw the Degers and the Generic Midi chanter, no Redpipes or Technopipes. So I tried it again, and first thing I hear is a brief High G together with the drones going without the strike-in sound. When I play low A for the drones, nothing happens. When I play E, everything starts, drones and chanter together, with no strikein sound. Ok, maybe it's set to the wrong configuration. He put it on Technopipe Ghb when he saw it after delving through it further, and the drones and chanter behaved the same as they did for some reason. Also he had to lower the latency setting to as low as it could go, because, even though he is completely unmusical, he did notice the delay, and so did I, which made playing greps and taorluaths sort-of arduous for lack of a better word. So now here I am in my dorm on my own, just plug them in, fire up Upiper and start playing, is what I do. However, I'd like to know if the drones situation can be remedied? I.e. You play Low A and the drones strike in, then you play E and the chanter comes in? I'd really like to experience that wonderful sound, especially the out-of-tune pitches anticipating the drones locking in with each other. On the appstore, in the History section, one of the features is, Drones startup taken into account with Ghb. Really? I don't notice it, and I have the latest version. Oh well, maybe talk to that friend of mine who has a Technopipe, maybe he and I can fiddle around with the settings. Yes, Voiceover is still "dead" when Upiper is active. Gracious! So that's just my $.02 worth.
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